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Start a Meeting!

Starting a CoDA Meeting

It is easy to start a CoDA meeting in your area.  All you need is another person, a time that suits you both and a venue that is regularly available and affordable.  We suggest you start with venues where other 12 Step groups meet, churches or community centres.

The CoDA Australasian Intergroup can help your new meeting in various ways.

Resources; Everything you need to start a new meeting is  on the CoDA website

Literature: We have negotiated with CoDA U.S. that there are certain pieces of CoDA approved literate that can be downloaded as pdf files and photocopied to be sold at your meeting.  This way literature can always be available and newcomer kits are there for newcomers. Get your literature person to contact us for the password.

Webpage; Each group get a webpage with details of time and place of meeting along with contact details and a map.

Sponsorship.  We have a Australasian Sponsorship Co-Ordinator who will help find temporary sponsors for people who have been to at least 6 meetings in working through ‘The First 14 Days’ program and after that help arrange co-sponsoring for the first 3 Steps.

Intergroup Conference Call.  Every three months Group Service Representatives from groups all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia connect on a conference call from their own homes where we share information and ideas for CoDA. Even if you GSR cannot attend we love to have one person we can communicate to and from Intergroup with.

Tradition 5;  We have Public Information Officer who can help you with ideas on how to carry the message (posters, mailout etc.) so your meeting continues to grow. I have attached a tear off poster for your meeting.  We put these up on community and church boards or where other 12 Step groups meet, they are a very effective way of attracting newcomers.

Meeting List We constantly update out online meeting list so the public can trust and use it.  If any details of your meeting change please tell us and we can change it both on your webpage and the meeting list.

Convention Over the last three year CoDA has run a successful Convention and wants to keep you informed of the coming years convention and any workshops.

If you can think of any other way we can be of support, please feel free to contact the office at

CoDA Australasia Intergroup